At the age of 14 he attended a Hospitality and Catering Management (Vocational) School in Turin, where the ability and talent of his teachers, among which Renato Crivello, fostered day by day his already great passion for cooking.


He worked in French and Italian restaurants, until he arrived at Alfredo Russo’s starred restaurant Dolce Stil Novo, where he worked for 1 year and a half and where he found out that pastry-making was the most fascinating part of the cooking to him.


Later, he worked at the important pastry shop Baratti&Milano and then, at the age of only 20, he became one of Eataly Torino’s pastry chef.


2 years later, thanks to his hard work and the great results achieved, he received an offer: to expand desserts’ production moving to Luca Montersino’s Golosi di Salute workshop, which supplies all of Eataly’s pastry shops in Italy and not only Turin’s one. He is directly called by the Ethiopian Sheik’s team to prepare his nephew’s wedding cake at their residence in Addis Abeba.


After years of attempts, study and tests he developed “Risolì”, an innovative patented and registered vegetable fat alternative to butter, which is still commercially available.


Thanks to his dedication, perseverance and ability, Fabio became chief pastry chef of the company, a position he held for 6 years, preparing himself bakery products such as panettoni and colombe (Italian Christmas and Easter cake, respectively).


He met and desperately fell in love with mother yeast in all its nuances and uses: pizza and bread in particular. He therefore completely committed himself to it and decided to revolutionize his career.


A good dose of courage, together with a very strong passion and ambition and his authentic and sincere friendship with Massimiliano Prete (the only one who shares this craziness for mother yeast and who can really understand him) persuaded him to embark, hand in hand with his girlfriend Francesca, on this new exciting and tasty adventure called “Gusto Madre”.

Fabio Ciriaci

...Courage, passion and ambition!






Fabio Ciriaci’s love for food starts since he was a child, when he began cooking with his mother and grandmother Elvira, being already sure about what he wanted to be when he grew up: a chef.


The name Gusto Madre (Mother Taste) has been chosen to explain the philosophy and the mission of our place: The Mother Taste is the first we have ever experienced: the taste of our mother’s food. Gusto Madre consists in searching for the first taste we all have inside of us, the authentic, primordial taste of the past, which seemed to be lost but, thanks to the mother yeast (starter), we can recreate in every dish of ours. Gusto Madre means taking care of the ingredients Mother Nature offers us, contaminating them as little as possible, in order to preserve their original flavour.


Gusto Madre immediately receives awards from  chefs, journalists and experts in the field, first among everyone Enrico Crippa (a 3 Michelin stars chef), Gabriele Bonci (one of the best pizza chef in Italy), Bruno Ceretto and Angelo Gaja (owner of the most prestigious and important winery of the Langhe) just to quote some of them.


In September and October 2016 Gusto Madre is mentioned in:

- Pizzerie GamberoRosso 2017 guide, which assigns it 3 Slices (the highest score)

- The rank of the 10 restaurants where to eat truffle on the occasion of Alba’s international White Truffle Fair by the Corriere della Sera

- Espresso’s guide “Migliori Pizzerie d’Italia 2017”


In December Gusto Madre is among the Pizza Oscar 2016 of Identità Golose, which inserts it in its Ristoranti d’Autore’s guide in January. Later in March Gusto Madre is the protagonist on the scene of a four-handed gourmet pizza with Enrico Crippa (the 3 Michelin stars chef of Piazza Duomo).


In February Gusto Madre is elected as learning centre by the UNISG, the illustrious University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.


During the same month rumors are about a new opening in Turin, confirmed by Fabio and Massimiliano at the end of May.


Today the project is in progress, while Fabio and Massimiliano are already dreaming of new other openings…