The Gusto Madre is the first we have ever experienced: the taste of our mother’s food. Gusto Madre consists in searching for the first taste we all have inside of us, the authentic, primordial taste of the past, which seemed to be lost but, thanks to the mother yeast (starter), we can recreate in every dish of ours. Gusto Madre means taking care of the ingredients Mother Nature offers us, contaminating them as little as possible, in order to preserve their original flavour.
Gusto Madre’s aim is to offer a real culinary experience and food culture, to teach the consumer how to taste and choose quality, to savour, not only eat. Pizza, for a long time considered as a low-quality product, is now experiencing a real revolution and even a re-evaluation. The creators of this trend are great pizza chefs, who issued a challenge to the Haute Cuisine, after studying the ingredients, the employment techniques of different flours, and thanks to an obsessive care to details and a meticulous selection of the ingredients. This popular product maintains its democratic nature and the characteristic of being affordable by everybody, but these chefs gave life to a new concept of pizza, which is not only very good, but also healthy and easy to digest.
Our offer consists in a wide choice of gourmet pizzas (very different one from the others according to the dough type, the flavors, the crispness) served with a selection of excellent wine and craft beers and a high-level dessert menu guaranteed by our experience in pastry-making.
However, there is only one way to understand and get to know Gusto Madre… just come and visit us and we promise… it’s going to be love at first bite!



Via Armando Diaz n. 2 - 12051 - Alba (CN)