Our menu features an extensive range of contemporary pizzas;
they are all very different for the type of dough and the ingredients used, their flavour and fragrance and are accompanied by a selection of excellent wines and craft beers and an amazing selection of desserts, to which we also bring a decade of experience as pastry makers.

What is Gusto Madre?

Gusto Madre is all about creating simple, authentic flavours, the flavours of yesteryear that characterise all of our dishes thanks to the use of sourdough.
Gusto Madre is about caring for the ingredients given to us by Mother Nature, contaminating them as little as possible to preserve their original flavour.
Gusto Madre is culinary experience, a journey to discover top-quality raw materials, natural ingredients, cutting-edge processing techniques; a journey that becomes a promoter of the "food culture" aimed at giving the consumer a carefully made consistent product.

A new concept of pizza

The very best quality raw materials, unrefined flour, cutting-edge processing techniques and novel combinations are just some of the factors involved in this all-out REVOLUTION. From traditional iconic Italian dish it is but a short step to "contemporary alternative" so much so that our goal is to improve the product in order to get closer to the top-class restaurant level. While maintaining all of the original characteristics, they have developed a new concept of pizza: delicious, healthy and easy to digest.

Chef Fabio Ciriaci

Chef Fabio Ciriaci's love of food began when he was a child, when he used to spend time with his grandmother Elvira "experimenting" in the kitchen. 
As he grew up, he came across and fell head over heels for sourdough in all its nuances and uses: this marked the beginning of his passion with pizza and bread. After working for several restaurants and in the confectionery sector, Fabio, with his wife Francesca, decided to embark on this project, a single concept that embodies his great passions: bread-making, catering and pastry-making.  Gusto Madre could be translated as a test lab, where everything is focused on the excellence of the ingredients and leading-edge bread-making techniques.

Upon request, Gusto Madre is the ideal partner to accompany events and celebrations at your location of choice.

Opening hours

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sunday at lunchtime and all day on Tuesday



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